Tampa Based Puerto Rican Business Owner Ready To Help Puerto Rico

  Tampa, Florida —Jose A. Santiago, owner of the Tampa-based therapy clinic, Santiago Therapy Center, said “That is our home, we will do whatever it takes to bring hope back into the Puerto Rican people.”

Puerto Rico was hit with a Category 4 hurricane named Maria beginning on Tuesday September 19th, 2017. The destruction has left 100% of the island without power or water. Homes have been decimated, families in communicated.

The bi-lingual facility, which provides, Physical, Occupational and Speech therapy to children and adults, will begin collecting donations to send over to Puerto Rico effective immediately. They are making arrangements with the local airlines to arrange delivery. Dr. Santiago will personally make a trip to the island to ensure the supplies are received. They have launched a Facebook campaign to spread the word. You can find a short list of supplies requested.

“Our family is still there. We have not heard from them in days. I have a home there and I don’t know what condition it is in, or even if it still stands. However, that does not matter to me, I can re-build, Puerto Rico can re-build, I want to be a conduit of hope for the people. Showing them that although Florida has also been hit with devastation, our hearts are with Puerto Rico too. The Tampa Bay community will provide aide for them.”

Dr. Jose Santiago (h.c), MS, RPT, founded the family-owned and operated therapy clinic more than 25 years ago. He is certified by the Board of Physical Therapy Practice and has 36 years of experience in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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